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Jimmy White Weight Loss

How Jimmy White Lost Weight and Improved His Snooker Performance


Jimmy White is one of the most legendary snooker players of all time. He has …

Sean Murray Weight Loss

Sean Murray Weight Loss: How the NCIS Star Transformed His Body and Health


Sean Murray Weight Loss: Sean Murray is best known for his role as Special Agent …

Kitty Chicha Weight Loss

Kitty Chicha: The Thai Actress Who Lost Weight for a Horror Role


Kitty Chicha is a Thai actress, singer and model who is best known for playing …

Juno Temple Weight Loss

How Juno Temple Lost Weight and Became a Mental Health Advocate


Juno Temple is a talented and versatile English actress who has starred in many films …

vanessa ray weight loss

How Vanessa Ray Lost Weight and Became a Star


Vanessa Ray is an American actress who is best known for her roles as Eddie …

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Melanie Martinez Weight Gain

Melanie Martinez Weight Gain: How The Singer Embraced Her Body Image

Melanie Martinez is a popular singer, songwriter, and visual artist who rose to fame after …

Taylor Swift Weight Gain

Taylor Swift Weight Gain: From Weight Gain Struggles to Body Positivity

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful and influential artists of her generation. She …