Dream Doll Before Surgery: The Rapper Who Transformed Her Body


Dream Doll Before Surgery

Dream Doll is a famous American rapper, reality TV star, model, and social media influencer. She rose to fame after appearing on the Bad Girls Club TV series and Love & Hip Hop: New York. She is also known for her hit songs such as Everything Nice, Team Dream, and Tryouts.

However, Dream Doll is not only famous for her music and TV appearances, but also for her dramatic body transformation. She has undergone several plastic surgeries to enhance her appearance and achieve her dream body. But how did she look like before going under the knife? And what are the risks and benefits of her cosmetic procedures?

Dream Doll Before Surgery

Dream Doll was born as Tabatha Robinson on February 28, 1992, in The Bronx, New York. She has a mixed-race background and belongs to the Christian religion. She grew up in a large family with five siblings and attended Bronx Academy High School.

As a young girl, Dream Doll was not satisfied with her natural appearance. She felt insecure about her lips, breasts, belly, and buttocks. She also struggled with acne and skin problems. She decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and enrolled in Westchester College and Herkimer Community College, where she studied business management.

dream doll before surgery 1
Dream Doll Before Surgery

She started working as a bartender and dancer at a strip club called Starlets. She also became an Instagram model and gained a lot of followers. She auditioned for the Bad Girls Club TV show and got selected for the 16th season. She also joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2017.

However, even after achieving fame and success, Dream Doll was not happy with her body. She wanted to look more curvy and feminine. She decided to undergo plastic surgery to change her appearance and boost her confidence.

Dream Doll’s Plastic Surgeries

Dream Doll has been very open and honest about her plastic surgeries. She has admitted to having four Brazilian butt lifts, a breast augmentation, a liposuction, a lip fillers, and a hip removal. She has also revealed that she almost died from one of her butt injections, which caused her body to reject the foreign substance.

dream doll before surgery 2
Dream Doll Before Surgery

Here is a table of Dream Doll’s plastic surgeries, their costs, and their effects:

Brazilian butt lift$8,000-$15,000Increases the size and shape of the buttocks by transferring fat from other parts of the body
Breast augmentation$3,000-$10,000Increases the size and shape of the breasts by inserting implants or fat
Liposuction$2,000-$8,000Removes excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, arms, or other areas
Lip fillers$500-$2,000Enhances the volume and shape of the lips by injecting hyaluronic acid or collagen
Hip removal$5,000-$10,000Reduces the width and projection of the hips by removing fat or bone


  • How old is Dream Doll? Dream Doll is 32 years old as of 2024.
  • What is Dream Doll’s net worth? Dream Doll has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024. She earns money from her music, TV shows, endorsements, and social media platforms.
  • What is Dream Doll’s religion? Dream Doll is a Christian. She has a tattoo of a cross on her chest and often posts religious quotes on her Instagram.
  • Who is Dream Doll dating? Dream Doll is currently single. She has dated several celebrities in the past, such as Safaree Samuels, YBN Almighty Jay, Tory Lanez, and Taina Williams.
  • What is Dream Doll’s real name? Dream Doll’s real name is Tabatha Robinson. She also goes by the name Tabatha Unique Gibbons.

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