Gracie Hunt’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under the Knife?


Gracie Hunt’s Plastic Surgery

Gracie Hunt is the daughter of Clark Hunt, the co-owner and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs, a professional American football team. She is also a former pageant queen, a model, and a philanthropist. She has a net worth of about $3 million, and she is the heiress to the Hunt family’s $24.8 billion fortune.

Gracie Hunt has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors, especially after she won the Miss Kansas USA title in 2021. Some people have speculated that she has enhanced her breasts, nose, lips, and cheeks with cosmetic procedures. However, Gracie Hunt has not confirmed or denied these rumors, and she has not revealed any details about her beauty regimen.

Gracie Hunts Plastic Surgery 1
Gracie Hunt’s Plastic Surgery

Gracie Hunt’s mother, Tavia Hunt, who is also a former pageant queen and the co-owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, has addressed some of the plastic surgery rumors about herself in an Instagram comment. She wrote, “I think we all do what we can. My beauty journey began at 14 with braces… I’ve spent countless hours in the gym and have used sunscreen, lasers, peels, retinol and treatments since I was 21. I have studied and learned what works for me over a very long period of time. I don’t detail everything I’ve done or haven’t done, only the things that I think are truly safe, tried and true difference makers.”

Gracie Hunts Plastic Surgery 2
Gracie Hunt’s Plastic Surgery

Gracie Hunt has also expressed her gratitude for her mother’s support and guidance in her pageant career. She said, “It’s really nice to get to walk down a road with someone who has been down that path before. It really has just bonded us so much.”6

Gracie Hunt is a Christian, and she has said that her faith is what keeps her grounded. She said, “What keeps me grounded first and foremost is my faith and my relationship with Jesus Christ…”

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