How Kevin James Lost 80 Pounds and Transformed His Health


How Kevin James Lost 80 Pounds and Transformed His Health

Kevin James is a famous American comedian and actor, known for his roles in The King of Queens, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Grown Ups. He is also known for his struggles with weight, which he has openly discussed in interviews and stand-up shows. James has tried various diets and exercise routines over the years, but none of them seemed to work for him in the long term. He would lose some weight, only to gain it back later.

However, in 2012, James decided to make a drastic change in his lifestyle and appearance. He was cast as a high school teacher who becomes a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in the movie Here Comes the Boom. To prepare for the role, James had to lose 80 pounds and gain muscle mass. He hired an MMA coach, Ryan Parsons, who helped him design a strict diet and workout plan. James followed the plan diligently and achieved amazing results in a short time.

In this article, we will explore how Kevin James lost 80 pounds and transformed his health, what his diet and workout plan consisted of, and what lessons we can learn from his weight loss journey.

Kevin James Weight Loss Diet Plan

James’ weight loss diet plan was based on a low-carb, high-protein, and moderate-fat approach. He avoided processed foods, refined sugars, and starchy carbohydrates. He focused on eating lean meats, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils. He also drank plenty of water and green tea, and limited his alcohol intake.

James ate six small meals a day, spaced out every three hours. He consumed around 2,000 calories a day, with a macronutrient ratio of 40% protein, 40% fat, and 20% carbs. He also used supplements such as whey protein, multivitamins, fish oil, and BCAAs to support his muscle growth and recovery.

James’ typical daily menu looked something like this:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, bacon, and a glass of water.
  • Snack: A handful of almonds and a protein shake.
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olive oil dressing, and a glass of green tea.
  • Snack: A piece of fruit and a protein bar.
  • Dinner: Salmon with broccoli and cauliflower, and a glass of water.
  • Snack: Greek yogurt with berries and granola, and a cup of herbal tea.
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How Kevin James Lost 80 Pounds and Transformed His Health

Kevin James Weight Loss Workout Plan

James’ weight loss workout plan was based on a combination of MMA training, cardio, and strength training. He worked out six days a week, for about two hours a day. He alternated between different types of exercises, such as boxing, kicking, wrestling, grappling, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups, dips, and kettlebell swings. He also did some interval training, such as sprinting, jumping rope, and burpees.

James’ typical weekly workout schedule looked something like this:

  • Monday: Boxing and cardio.
  • Tuesday: Strength training and cardio.
  • Wednesday: Wrestling and cardio.
  • Thursday: Strength training and cardio.
  • Friday: Kicking and cardio.
  • Saturday: Grappling and cardio.
  • Sunday: Rest.

James’ workout plan was designed to challenge his body, burn calories, build muscle, and improve his endurance, agility, and coordination. He also had fun learning new skills and techniques, and enjoyed the competitive aspect of MMA. He said that MMA training was the best workout he ever had, and that it changed his life.

Kevin James Weight Loss Lessons

James’ weight loss journey is a remarkable example of how anyone can achieve their fitness goals with dedication, discipline, and hard work. He also showed that weight loss is not only about aesthetics, but also about health and well-being. He said that losing weight made him feel better, happier, and more confident.

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How Kevin James Lost 80 Pounds and Transformed His Health

Some of the lessons we can learn from James’ weight loss journey are:

  • Set a clear and realistic goal. James had a specific goal of losing 80 pounds and getting in shape for his movie role. He also had a deadline of six months to achieve it. Having a clear and realistic goal can help you stay focused and motivated.
  • Find a coach or a mentor. James hired an MMA coach, who guided him through his diet and workout plan. He also learned from other MMA fighters, who gave him tips and advice. Having a coach or a mentor can help you get expert guidance, feedback, and support.
  • Follow a plan that suits you. James followed a low-carb diet and a MMA workout plan, which worked well for him. He also enjoyed the food and the exercise, which made it easier for him to stick to the plan. Finding a plan that suits your preferences, needs, and goals can help you achieve better results.
  • Be consistent and persistent. James was consistent and persistent with his diet and workout plan. He did not cheat, skip, or give up. He also faced some challenges and setbacks, such as injuries and plateaus, but he did not let them stop him. He kept going until he reached his goal. Being consistent and persistent can help you overcome obstacles and make progress.
  • Have fun and celebrate your achievements. James had fun with his diet and workout plan. He enjoyed learning new skills and techniques, and competing with himself and others. He also celebrated his achievements, such as losing weight, gaining muscle, and improving his performance. Having fun and celebrating your achievements can help you enjoy the process and reward yourself.


How old is Kevin James?

Kevin James is 58 years old as of 2024. He was born on April 26, 1965, in Mineola, New York, USA.

What is Kevin James’ net worth?

Kevin James’ net worth is estimated to be around $80 million as of 2024. He has earned his wealth from his successful career as a comedian and actor, starring in various TV shows and movies.

What is Kevin James’ religion?

Kevin James is a Roman Catholic. He was raised in a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools. He has also expressed his faith in interviews and stand-up shows.

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