How Tina Arnold Lost Weight Without Surgery


How Tina Arnold Lost Weight Without Surgery

Tina Arnold is one of the stars of the TLC reality show “1000-Lb Best Friends”, which follows the lives of two morbidly obese women who are trying to lose weight and improve their health. Tina, who weighed 325 pounds at the start of the show, had qualified for bariatric surgery, but decided to back out at the last minute. She wanted to prove to herself and others that she could lose weight without surgical intervention.

Tina’s Weight Loss Journey

Tina’s weight loss journey began back in 2021, when she started making small changes in her diet and exercise habits. She even lost around 80 pounds before gaining it all back. She admitted that she had faced many challenges and setbacks along the way, but she never gave up on her goals.

In 2023, Tina appeared on the second season of “1000-Lb Best Friends”, where she continued to work on her weight loss with the help of her best friend Meghan Crumpler, who also struggled with obesity. Tina received a lot of criticism from viewers and even from her doctor, who thought she was making a mistake by refusing the surgery. However, Tina was determined to do it on her own terms, and said that she felt no pressure or deadline to see results.

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How Tina Arnold Lost Weight Without Surgery

By 2024, Tina had managed to lose over 100 pounds, and showed off her progress on her Instagram account. She posted a side-by-side comparison of her before and after photos, and wrote: “This is what progressive weight loss looks like without surgery. This is exercising and eating right… it takes longer, but it’s happening.” She also encouraged her followers to be positive and supportive of her journey, and to remember what it is to be human.

Tina’s Current Status

Tina is still working hard to achieve her weight loss goals, and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has also been focusing on her mental health, and learning skills and tools to cope with her stress and emotions. She has also started a podcast with her friend Meghan, where they talk about their experiences and challenges as overweight women in society.

Tina has also revealed that she has quit the show “1000-Lb Best Friends”, and will not be returning for a third season. She said that she wanted to focus on her personal life, and that she felt that the show was not a good fit for her anymore. She thanked her fans for their support and love, and said that she was grateful for the opportunity to share her story with the world.

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How Tina Arnold Lost Weight Without Surgery


How old is Tina Arnold?

Tina Arnold is 42 years old as of 2024. She was born on June 12, 1982.

What is Tina Arnold’s net worth?

Tina Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 as of 2024. She earned most of her income from appearing on the show “1000-Lb Best Friends”, as well as from her podcast and social media endorsements.

What is Tina Arnold’s religion?

Tina Arnold is a Christian, and has often expressed her faith and gratitude to God on her social media posts. She has also said that her religion has helped her cope with her struggles and challenges in life.

Is Tina Arnold married?

Tina Arnold is married to Johnnie Arnold, whom she met when she was 19 years old. They have been married for 23 years, and have two children together. Tina has said that her husband has been her biggest supporter and motivator throughout her weight loss journey, and that he loves her unconditionally.

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