Kitty Chicha: The Thai Actress Who Lost Weight for a Horror Role


Kitty Chicha Weight Loss

Kitty Chicha is a Thai actress, singer and model who is best known for playing the mysterious and vengeful Nanno in the Netflix series “Girl from Nowhere”. She has also starred in several other Thai dramas and movies, such as “The Serpent’s Song”, “Net I Die” and “7 Boy Scouts”. She was also a former member of the Thai girl group “Kiss Me Five” under Kamikaze records.

However, recently, Kitty Chicha has shocked her fans and the public with her drastic weight loss. She appeared with an alarmingly thin body and an incredibly haggard face, sparking concern about her health and well-being. Many people wondered what caused her to lose so much weight and whether she was suffering from any illness or disorder.

The Reason Behind Kitty Chicha’s Weight Loss

According to Thai media, Kitty Chicha has revealed that her weight loss was intentional and part of her preparation for a new horror role. She said that she wanted to challenge herself and portray a different character from her previous roles. She also said that she followed a strict diet and exercise regimen to achieve her desired weight and appearance.

Kitty Chicha Weight Loss 1
Kitty Chicha Weight Loss

She did not disclose the name or details of the horror project that she was working on, but she assured her fans that she was doing fine and that she would gain back her weight after finishing the project. She also thanked her fans for their support and love, and asked them to look forward to her new work.

The Impact of Kitty Chicha’s Weight Loss on Her Career and Fans

Kitty Chicha’s weight loss has received mixed reactions from her fans and the public. Some people praised her for her dedication and professionalism, and expressed their admiration for her acting skills and versatility. They said that they were excited to see her in a new horror role and that they trusted her to take care of herself.

Kitty Chicha Weight Loss 2
Kitty Chicha Weight Loss

However, some people criticized her for her extreme weight loss and questioned her decision to sacrifice her health and beauty for a role. They said that she looked unhealthy and unrecognizable, and that she was setting a bad example for her young fans and followers. They also worried that she might develop an eating disorder or other health problems as a result of her weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Kitty Chicha?

Kitty Chicha was born on August 5, 1993. She is 30 years old as of 2024.

What is Kitty Chicha’s real name?

Kitty Chicha’s real name is Kanyawee Poomsiridol. She changed her name to Chicha Amatayakul in 2017.

How tall is Kitty Chicha?

Kitty Chicha is 5’7 (169 cm) tall.

How much does Kitty Chicha weigh?

Kitty Chicha’s weight is not publicly known, but it is estimated that she lost around 20 kg (44 lbs) for her horror role.

Is Kitty Chicha married or dating anyone?

Kitty Chicha is not married and has not confirmed any dating rumors. She is currently focused on her career and personal growth.

Where can I watch Kitty Chicha’s movies and shows?

You can watch Kitty Chicha’s movies and shows on various streaming platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube and LINE TV. Some of her popular works are “Girl from Nowhere”, “The Serpent’s Song”, “Net I Die” and “7 Boy Scouts”.

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