Laura Loomer’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Have Any Cosmetic Enhancements?


Laura Loomer’s Plastic Surgery

Laura Loomer is a controversial American political activist and media personality who has been banned from several social media platforms for her provocative and inflammatory views. She is also known for her appearance, which has changed significantly over the years due to multiple cosmetic procedures. In this article, we will explore Laura Loomer’s plastic surgery journey, the reasons behind it, and the reactions from the public.

Laura Loomer’s Nose Job

One of the most noticeable changes in Laura Loomer’s face is her nose, which has undergone at least two rhinoplasty surgeries. The first one was in July 2017, when she announced on Instagram that she was getting a nose job from Dr. Joseph Pober, a Manhattan surgeon who has branded himself as “Dr. Redpill” and the preferred doctor for the far-right. She posted a video of herself in the doctor’s chair and expressed her excitement for the procedure.

laura loomer plastic surgery 2
Laura Loomer’s Plastic Surgery

However, Loomer was not satisfied with the results of her first nose job, and decided to have a revision surgery in February 2018. She claimed that her nose was still too big and that she wanted a more feminine and refined look. She also said that she was inspired by Ivanka Trump, who is known for having a perfect nose. She documented her second nose job on Twitter and thanked Dr. Pober for his work.

Laura Loomer’s Lip and Cheek Fillers

Another noticeable change in Laura Loomer’s face is her lips and cheeks, which have become fuller and plumper over the years. Loomer has admitted to having lip injections and cheek fillers, and has posted photos and videos of herself getting them. She said that she wanted to enhance her natural features and that she felt more confident and beautiful after the treatments.

However, some people have criticized Loomer for having too much filler and accused her of looking unnatural and fake. They also pointed out that her lips and cheeks do not match her nose and chin, which create an unbalanced and distorted appearance. Some have even speculated that Loomer has a plastic surgery addiction and that she is trying to cope with her insecurities and low self-esteem by altering her face.

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Laura Loomer’s Plastic Surgery

Laura Loomer’s Chin and Jawline Reshaping

Another possible change in Laura Loomer’s face is her chin and jawline, which have become sharper and more defined over the years. Some people have suggested that Loomer has had chin reshaping surgery and jawline contouring, which are procedures that can reduce the size and shape of the chin and jawbone and create a more feminine and attractive profile. However, Loomer has not confirmed or denied having these surgeries, and it is possible that the change in her chin and jawline is due to weight loss, makeup, or lighting.


  • How old is Laura Loomer? Laura Loomer was born on May 21, 1993, which makes her 30 years old as of 2024.
  • What is Laura Loomer’s net worth? Laura Loomer’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, according to various sources. She earns money from her political activism, media appearances, book sales, and donations from her supporters.
  • What is Laura Loomer’s religion? Laura Loomer is Jewish, and has often expressed her support for Israel and her opposition to antisemitism. She has also claimed to be a victim of discrimination and censorship for being a conservative Jewish woman.
  • What is Laura Loomer’s political affiliation? Laura Loomer is a Republican, and ran for Congress in Florida’s 21st district in 2020. She lost to the incumbent Democrat Lois Frankel, but received 38.5% of the vote, which was the highest percentage for a Republican in that district since 2012. She has also been associated with the alt-right, a far-right movement that espouses white nationalism, anti-immigration, and anti-feminism, among other ideologies. However, Loomer has denied being part of the alt-right and has distanced herself from some of its leaders and figures.

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