Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery: A Timeline of Her Changing Face


Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Lohan is a famous actress and singer who rose to fame as a child star in movies like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. She was also a pop star who released two albums, Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw). However, her career and personal life took a downward spiral in the late 2000s, as she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, legal troubles, and media scrutiny. Her appearance also changed drastically over the years, sparking rumors that she had undergone multiple plastic surgeries. In this article, we will take a look at the timeline of Lindsay Lohan’s plastic surgery and how it affected her face and image.

2004: The Rise of a Teen Queen

In 2004, Lindsay Lohan was at the peak of her popularity and success. She starred in two hit movies, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Mean Girls, and released her debut album, Speak, which went platinum. She was also a fashion icon and a teen idol, with a natural and fresh-faced look. She had a slim figure, red hair, freckles, and a cute smile. She did not seem to have any noticeable cosmetic enhancements at this point, except for maybe some teeth whitening and minor lip injections.

lindsay lohan plastic surgery 3
Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery

2006: The Beginning of the End

In 2006, Lindsay Lohan started to show signs of trouble. She was involved in several car accidents, DUI arrests, and rehab stints. She also lost a lot of weight, which made her look gaunt and unhealthy. Her face also began to change, as she reportedly had more lip fillers, cheek implants, and a nose job. Her lips became plumper and poutier, her cheeks became fuller and rounder, and her nose became thinner and more refined. Some experts also speculated that she had botox injections to smooth out her forehead and eyebrows.

2009: The Plastic Surgery Disaster

In 2009, Lindsay Lohan’s plastic surgery reached a disastrous level. She appeared at a fashion show in Paris with a swollen and distorted face, which shocked her fans and critics. Her lips were overfilled and uneven, her cheeks were too puffy and lumpy, and her eyes were droopy and hollow. She also had a pale and blotchy complexion, which made her look older and unhealthy. Many people blamed her plastic surgery for ruining her natural beauty and making her look like a different person.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery

2012: The Comeback Attempt

In 2012, Lindsay Lohan tried to make a comeback by starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. However, the movie was panned by critics and viewers, who criticized her performance and appearance. Lohan’s face still looked unnatural and aged, as she had more fillers, botox, and possibly a facelift. Her lips were still too big and lopsided, her cheeks were still too inflated and saggy, and her skin was still dull and uneven. She also had a different hair color and style, which did not suit her face shape and features.

2018: The New Look

lindsay lohan plastic surgery 2
Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery

In 2018, Lindsay Lohan surprised everyone with a new look. She appeared on a talk show with a more natural and youthful face, which made her look more like her old self. She had reportedly dissolved some of her fillers, reduced her botox, and corrected her lip asymmetry. Her lips were smaller and more balanced, her cheeks were softer and more contoured, and her eyes were brighter and more alert. She also had a healthier and glowing skin tone, which made her look more radiant and refreshed. She also had a more flattering hair color and style, which complemented her face and personality.


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