Marie Helvin Plastic Surgery: The Supermodel Who Defied Breast Cancer and Ageing


Marie Helvin Plastic Surgery

Marie Helvin is a legendary fashion model who has graced the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazines. She was once married to the famous photographer David Bailey and dated the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother Mark Shand. She is also a breast cancer survivor who underwent a mastectomy at the age of 70. In this article, we will explore her remarkable life story, her views on plastic surgery, and her tips for staying young and beautiful.

From Hawaii to London: The Rise of a Supermodel

Marie Helvin was born in Tokyo in 1952 to an American father and a Japanese mother. She grew up in Hawaii, where she was discovered by a modelling agent at the age of 15. She moved to New York to pursue her career, but soon found herself in London, where she met and married David Bailey in 1975. The couple became one of the most glamorous and influential duos in the fashion world, working with top designers, magazines, and celebrities. They also travelled extensively, documenting their exotic adventures in books and exhibitions. However, their marriage ended in 1985, after ten years of fame and fortune.

Marie Helvin Plastic Surgery 3
Marie Helvin Plastic Surgery

Facing Breast Cancer and Mastectomy

In 2022, shortly before her 70th birthday, Marie Helvin discovered a lump in her right breast. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy. She revealed her news and her experience for the first time in an interview with the Daily Mail. She said she was shocked by the diagnosis, as she had always looked after her health and fitness. She also said she was scared, but not as much as someone who had never seen anyone go through that. She had nursed her mother through breast cancer in the 1980s, and knew what to expect. She said she placed her faith in the system and herself, and was grateful for the surgery that saved her life.

Plastic Surgery: A Personal Choice

Marie Helvin has been open about her use of Botox, which she has twice a year to smooth out her wrinkles. She said she does it for herself, not for anyone else, and that it makes her feel good. She also said she is not against plastic surgery, as long as it is done well and for the right reasons. She said she has seen many women who have gone too far and ruined their natural beauty. She said plastic surgery is a personal choice, and that she is not going to say whether she has done anything or not. She said she is happy with her new breast, which is not perfect, but beautiful.

Marie Helvin Plastic Surgery 4
Marie Helvin Plastic Surgery

Staying Young and Beautiful

Marie Helvin is still modelling at the age of 71, and has recently posed for a lingerie campaign. She said she is always going to feel sensual in her own skin, and that age is just a number. She said she does not compare herself to younger models, but to herself. She said she follows a simple routine to keep herself in shape and radiant. She exercises every day, doing yoga, Pilates, and walking. She eats a balanced diet, avoiding sugar, dairy, and gluten. She drinks plenty of water and green tea. She moisturizes her skin and uses sunscreen. She sleeps well and meditates. She also reads, writes, and listens to music. She said she enjoys life and does not worry about the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Marie Helvin?

Marie Helvin was born on August 13, 1952. She is 71 years old as of 2024.

Who is Marie Helvin married to?

Marie Helvin was married to David Bailey, a famous fashion photographer, from 1975 to 1985. They divorced after ten years of marriage. She has not remarried since then.

Does Marie Helvin have children?

Marie Helvin does not have any children. She said she never wanted to have children, as she was too busy with her career and travelling. She also said she did not want to pass on her genes, as she had a history of breast cancer in her family.

What is Marie Helvin’s net worth?

Marie Helvin’s net worth is not publicly known. She has earned a lot of money from her modelling career, but she has also spent a lot of money on her lifestyle. She has admitted that her savings are diminishing, and that she would not rule out working in a supermarket if she had to. She said she is not materialistic, and that she values her freedom and health more than anything.w

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