Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Go Under the Knife?


Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery

Rabiya Mateo is a Filipino model, actress, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 and represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. She is also a physiotherapist, educator, and entrepreneur who advocates for education and women empowerment.

However, Rabiya has also been the subject of controversy and speculation regarding her physical appearance and whether she underwent plastic surgery or not. In this article, we will explore the facts and rumors about Rabiya Mateo plastic surgery and how she responded to them.

Did Rabiya Mateo have plastic surgery?

Rabiya Mateo has never confirmed nor denied having plastic surgery. However, she has been accused by some netizens of undergoing cosmetic procedures after her high school yearbook photo went viral shortly after she won the Miss Universe Philippines title in October 2020.

Her mother, Christine Mateo, defended her daughter and denied the rumors, saying that Rabiya was just an “ugly duckling” who blossomed into a beautiful swan. She also said that Rabiya inherited her features from her father, who is of Indian-American descent.

Rabiya herself has expressed her views on plastic surgery and said that she sees nothing wrong with beauty queens or anyone who chooses to enhance their appearance. She said that it is their money, their choice, and their way of practicing self-love. She also said that she hopes that the stigma on cosmetic surgery will fade away and that people will respect each other’s decisions.

Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery 1
Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery

What are the rumored plastic surgery procedures that Rabiya Mateo had?

Some of the rumored plastic surgery procedures that Rabiya Mateo had are:

  • Botox injections: Some fans suspect that Rabiya had botox injections to smooth out her wrinkles and fine lines, especially on her forehead and around her eyes. They also claim that her eyebrows look higher and more arched than before.
  • Lip fillers: Some fans also suspect that Rabiya had lip fillers to plump up her lips and make them more defined. They also claim that her lip shape and color have changed over the years.
  • Nose job: Some fans also suspect that Rabiya had a nose job to refine her nose bridge and tip and make them more symmetrical and proportional to her face. They also claim that her nostrils look smaller and more even than before.

However, these are all speculations and there is no concrete evidence to prove that Rabiya Mateo had plastic surgery. She may have just used makeup, skincare, and other natural methods to enhance her beauty and confidence.

Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery 2
Rabiya Mateo Plastic Surgery


Here are some frequently asked questions about Rabiya Mateo:

  • How old is Rabiya Mateo? Rabiya Mateo is 28 years old as of 2024. She was born on November 14, 1996 in Balasan, Iloilo, Philippines.
  • What is Rabiya Mateo’s net worth? Rabiya Mateo’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2024. She earns money from her modeling, acting, and endorsement deals, as well as from her business ventures.
  • What is Rabiya Mateo’s religion? Rabiya Mateo is a Christian. She was raised by her mother, who is a devout Catholic. Her father, who is of Indian-American origin, was a Muslim, but they separated when Rabiya was young.

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