Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Weight Loss: How She Transformed Her Body and Lifestyle


Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Weight Loss

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is an American politician and the current governor of Arkansas. She is also the former White House press secretary under President Donald Trump. Sanders is known for her political career, her family background, and her remarkable weight loss transformation.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Weight Loss 1
Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Weight Loss

Sanders started her weight loss journey in 2018, when she was still working at the White House. She faced a lot of criticism and pressure from the media and the public, which motivated her to make some changes in her lifestyle. She decided to follow a strict diet regimen that eliminated foods containing GMOs, pesticides, and certain lectins. She also incorporated strength training and cardio workouts into her exercise routine.

With the combination of both a diet and a fitness regimen, she was able to downsize from 156 pounds to 106 pounds. She lost a total of 50 pounds over time. Her weight loss journey is renowned in the field of politics and even sparked controversy on social media. She has inspired many women in and out of politics to change their physical appearance and improve their health.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Weight Loss


  • How old is Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was born on August 13, 1982, in Hope, Arkansas. She is currently 42 years old.

  • What is Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ net worth?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024. She has accumulated the majority of this wealth from her political career. According to the White House budget, her annual salary was $179,700 as the press secretary. As the governor of Arkansas, her salary is $151,000. She also earns income from her consulting business and her book, Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.

  • What is Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ religion?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Christian. More specifically, she identifies as a Southern Baptist. She might not talk about God publicly often, but she firmly believes in God. People who have worked with her on campaigns say she would regularly say a pre-event prayer.

She is married to Bryan Sanders, who is a Catholic. Their three children were baptized as infants, a rite mandatory for Catholics and some other Christians but long considered a deviation to traditional Southern Baptists. A family friend describes Sanders and her husband as “progressive Christians.” They go to both evangelical and Catholic churches every Sunday.

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