Bernice Burgos Before Surgery: Did She Have Any Cosmetic Enhancements?


Bernice Burgos Before Surgery

Bernice Burgos is a famous American model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who has appeared in many music videos and magazines. She is also the owner of a clothing line called Bold & Beautiful and a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. However, before she achieved her fame and success, she had a different appearance and struggled with her self-esteem.

Burgos was born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York, to Puerto Rican parents. She grew up in a low-income neighborhood and faced many challenges in her life. She became pregnant at the age of 15 and dropped out of high school to take care of her daughter, Ashley. She worked as a waitress and a bartender to make ends meet.

Bernice Burgos Before Surgery 1
Bernice Burgos Before Surgery

Burgos was unhappy with her body and wanted to enhance her curves. She was inspired by the Spanish girls she saw at a strip club and decided to undergo plastic surgery. She had her first procedure when she was 27 years old, which was a butt enhancement. She went to a basement where an unlicensed doctor injected her with silicone. She said that the surgery was painful and risky, but she was satisfied with the results.

She also had breast implants to uplift her modeling career. She said that she had problems with her photoshoots because her breasts were not sitting up perfectly. She wanted to have a fuller and firmer bust that would make her look more attractive.

Bernice Burgos Before Surgery 2
Bernice Burgos Before Surgery

Burgos admitted that she had done “a bit of everything” when it comes to plastic surgery. She said that she was not ashamed of her choices and that she was proud of her body. She also said that she worked out regularly to maintain her figure and health.

Burgos’s plastic surgery changed her appearance and boosted her confidence. She started to pursue her modeling career and got noticed by many celebrities and brands. She appeared in music videos for artists like Drake, J. Cole, and Rick Ross. She also graced the cover pages of magazines like XXL, Show, and The Source. She became a popular Instagram star with over 7 million followers. She also launched her own clothing line and collaborated with Fashion Nova.

Burgos is now one of the most successful and influential models in the industry. She has also been involved in several romantic relationships with famous rappers and athletes. She has two daughters, Ashley and Sarai, and a granddaughter, India. She lives in Los Angeles, California, and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Bernice Burgos Before Surgery 3
Bernice Burgos Before Surgery


  • How old is Bernice Burgos? She is 44 years old as of 2024.
  • What is Bernice Burgos’s net worth? She has an estimated net worth of $4 million as of 2024.
  • What is Bernice Burgos’s religion? She was raised in a Christian household, as most Puerto Ricans are predominantly Roman Catholic. However, she has not publicly confirmed following any particular faith as an adult. The model often uses religious phrases like “Amen” and “God bless” in her social media posts.
  • Who is Bernice Burgos’s boyfriend? She is currently rumored to be dating Jaylen Brown, an NBA player for the Boston Celtics. However, neither of them has confirmed their relationship status. She has also been linked to Drake, T.I., and Marion ‘Suge’ Knight in the past.
  • Who are Bernice Burgos’s daughters? She has two daughters, Ashley and Sarai, from different fathers. Ashley was born when Burgos was 15 years old, and Sarai was born when she was 37 years old. Ashley is also a model and a business partner with Burgos. She has a daughter named India, who is Burgos’s granddaughter. Sarai is still a teenager and lives with Burgos.

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