Mona Kattan Before Surgery: A Beauty Entrepreneur’s Transformation


Mona Kattan Before Surgery

Mona Kattan is a well-known beauty entrepreneur and personality, who co-founded Huda Beauty and Kayali Fragrance with her sisters Huda and Alya. She is also the president of HB Investments and the co-star of the reality web series Huda Boss. But before she became a successful businesswoman and influencer, she underwent a noticeable transformation that caught the attention of many.

Early Life and Career

Mona Kattan was born on May 8, 1985, in Oklahoma City, USA, to Iraqi immigrant parents. She moved to Dubai, UAE, in 2003, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in finance at the American University of Sharjah. She started her career as an investment banker, but soon realized her passion for beauty and entrepreneurship. She co-founded MasterMind PR & Communications, The Dollhouse, Huda Beauty, and Kayali Fragrance, establishing herself as a leader and innovator in the beauty industry.

Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss

Mona Kattan has been open about her cosmetic procedures, such as nose jobs, lip fillers, and botox. She said that she decided to have plastic surgery after being bullied for her appearance as a child and teenager. She also said that she wanted to enhance her features and feel more confident. She shared her before-and-after photos on social media, showing the difference that plastic surgery made in her look.

Mona Kattan Before Surgery 1
Mona Kattan Before Surgery

Mona Kattan also embarked on a weight loss journey, adopting the keto diet and working with a personal trainer. She lost over 20 kilograms since 2018, achieving a remarkable physical transformation and maintaining her weight and fitness levels. She documented her progress on social media, inspiring her fans and followers to prioritize their health and well-being.

Mona Kattan Before Surgery 2
Mona Kattan Before Surgery


  • How old is Mona Kattan?
    • Mona Kattan is 36 years old as of 2023.
  • What is Mona Kattan’s net worth?
    • Mona Kattan’s estimated net worth ranges between 100-200 million US Dollars, attributed to the immense success of Huda Beauty and Kayali Fragrances, with an annual turnover in the range of USD 50-60 million.
  • What is Mona Kattan’s religion?
    • Mona Kattan is a Christian, as she revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

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