Tom Brady’s Plastic Surgery: Fact or Fiction?


Tom Brady’s Plastic Surgery

Tom Brady is one of the most successful and famous athletes in the world. He has won seven Super Bowls, five Super Bowl MVP awards, and three NFL MVP awards. He is also married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and has a net worth of $300 million. But despite his achievements and fame, some fans and critics have wondered if he has had plastic surgery to enhance his appearance and maintain his youthfulness.

What are the rumors about Tom Brady’s plastic surgery?

The rumors about Tom Brady’s plastic surgery started to circulate online when the NFL Instagram account shared a video of him in September 2023. In the video, Brady discussed whether he thinks the NFL is “scripted”. Many fans noticed that Brady looked different and speculated that he had cosmetic work done. Some of the comments included:

  • “Dude needs to chill on the plastic surgery”
  • “The plastic surgery is creepy”
  • “Botox Brady”
  • “Botox city Jesus”

Some of the alleged changes that fans noticed were:

  • A smoother forehead
  • More pronounced cheekbones
  • A sharper jawline
  • A thinner nose
tom brady plastic surgery 1
Tom Brady’s Plastic Surgery

What has Tom Brady said about his plastic surgery?

Tom Brady has not publicly addressed the speculation that he has had cosmetic work done. However, he has been open about other ways he has kept up his appearance. He follows a strict diet and workout routine, known as the TB12 method, which he credits for his longevity and performance on the field. He also wears symbols of his faith, such as crosses and St. Christopher medals, which he believes give him strength and guidance.

What do experts say about Tom Brady’s plastic surgery?

Some experts have weighed in on the possibility that Tom Brady has had plastic surgery. According to Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon and author of “The Age Fix”, Brady may have had some minor procedures over the last two decades. He told MEAWW:

tom brady plastic surgery 2
Tom Brady’s Plastic Surgery

“He may have undergone injections of Botox to smooth his forehead and frown lines, as well as filler injections to plump up his cheeks. He also may have had a subtle rhinoplasty to thin and refine his nose. These are all very common procedures for men in Hollywood, and can create a natural and more youthful appearance.”

However, Dr. Youn also noted that Brady’s diet and exercise regimen may have contributed to his appearance, as well as his genetics and lifestyle. He said:

“Tom Brady is blessed with great genes, and he takes impeccable care of himself. He eats a very healthy diet, avoids alcohol and tobacco, and exercises regularly. All of these factors can make a person look years younger than their actual age.”


How old is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is 46 years old. He was born on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California.

What is Tom Brady’s net worth?

Tom Brady has a net worth of $300 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has earned about $450 million over his 23-year career, from salary and endorsements. He has also launched several businesses, such as the TB12 lifestyle brand, the Autograph NFT company, and the 199 Productions media company.

What is Tom Brady’s religion?

Tom Brady grew up in a Catholic family, but he has not identified himself as belonging to one particular faith. He has said that he is “into everything” and that he is not sure what he believes. He has a menorah in his house, but he is not Jewish. He has also mentioned God and thanked him for his successes. He has a Catholic father who trained to be a priest.

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