Yolanda Hadid’s Plastic Surgery: A Journey of Self-Love


Yolanda Hadid’s Plastic Surgery

Yolanda Hadid is a Dutch-born American television personality and former model, best known for starring in the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is also the mother of famous models Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid. But behind her glamorous life, Yolanda has faced many challenges, including a serious illness and a complicated relationship with plastic surgery.

Why did Yolanda Hadid have plastic surgery?

Yolanda Hadid was a successful international model in the 1980s and 1990s, working in Paris, Milan, New York, and other fashion capitals. However, she was not completely happy with her appearance and felt insecure about her breast size. To achieve her ideal look, Yolanda decided to have breast augmentation surgery and got implants. She also started using Botox and fillers to smooth out her wrinkles and enhance her lips.

How did plastic surgery affect Yolanda Hadid’s health?

Yolanda Hadids Plastic Surgery 1
Yolanda Hadid’s Plastic Surgery

Yolanda Hadid’s plastic surgery seemed to boost her confidence and career, but it also had some negative consequences for her health. In 2012, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that causes fatigue, joint pain, and neurological problems. She suspected that her breast implants might have worsened her condition, as one of them had ruptured 10 years earlier in a water-skiing accident. She also noticed that her silicone levels were very high, which could indicate toxicity.

How did Yolanda Hadid remove her plastic surgery?

In 2015, Yolanda Hadid made a bold decision to remove all her plastic surgery and embrace her natural beauty. She underwent a surgery to remove her breast implants, as well as her port and pump that were used to treat her Lyme disease. She also stopped using Botox and fillers and let her hair go gray. She documented her transformation on social media and on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she revealed her scars and her struggles.

How does Yolanda Hadid feel about plastic surgery now?

Yolanda Hadid has said that she regrets having plastic surgery and that she wishes she had loved herself more. She has also defended her children from rumors that they have had cosmetic procedures, saying that they are natural and beautiful. She has become an advocate for self-love and acceptance, as well as for raising awareness about Lyme disease. She has written a book about her journey, called Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease.

Yolanda Hadids Plastic Surgery 2
Yolanda Hadid’s Plastic Surgery


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