How Alessandra Rampolla Lost 60kg and Became a MAFS Expert


Alessandra Mafs Weight Loss

Alessandra Rampolla is a certified clinical sexologist who joined the eighth season of Married At First Sight Australia as a new expert. She has over 20 years of experience in helping couples maintain sexual chemistry and intimacy. She has also hosted her own radio show, written five bestselling books, and appeared on shows like Dr. Phil. But before she became a MAFS expert, she underwent a dramatic weight loss transformation that changed her life.

Alessandra’s Gastric Bypass Surgery

In 2008, Alessandra decided to have a gastric bypass surgery in Colombia, after trying many methods to lose weight without success. She was motivated by her health concerns and her desire to start a family with her then-husband. She said that the surgery was “lifechanging in many, many, many positive ways”, especially for her health.

alessandra mafs weight loss 1
Alessandra Mafs Weight Loss

The gastric bypass surgery involves surgically altering the stomach and small intestine, so that the person feels full faster and absorbs fewer calories. Alessandra said that the surgery helped her get her weight under control and lose 60kg.

Alessandra’s Reconstructive Surgeries

In 2021, Alessandra revealed that she was undergoing reconstructive surgeries to get rid of excess skin, which was a result of her rapid weight loss. She said that she had been postponing the surgeries for years, but finally decided to do them for her own comfort and confidence.

She said that she was not ashamed of her loose skin, but rather proud of her journey and her body. She also said that she wanted to share her experience with her fans and inspire others who might be going through similar situations.

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Alessandra Mafs Weight Loss

Alessandra’s Role on MAFS

Alessandra replaced Dr. Trisha Stratford as the third expert on MAFS, joining John Aiken and Mel Schilling. She said that she was thrilled to be part of Australia’s biggest social experiment, and that she hoped to contribute to the complex mix of components that ensure marriages not only work but thrive in the long haul.

Alessandra brought her expertise and charisma to the show, introducing new tasks and challenges for the couples, such as the Intimacy Week and the Cupping Exercise. She also provided guidance and feedback to the participants, helping them overcome their issues and improve their relationships.

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Alessandra Mafs Weight Loss


Who is Alessandra Rampolla?

Alessandra Rampolla is a clinical sexologist from Puerto Rico who has over 20 years of experience in the field. She has a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and has a number of other qualifications in the field of sexology. She believes that “sexual expression and compatibility are vital in building, nourishing and maintaining healthy, romantic relationships”.

How did Alessandra Rampolla lose weight?

Alessandra Rampolla lost weight by having a gastric bypass surgery in 2008, which helped her shed 60kg. She said that she did it for her health and for her plans to have children. She also said that the surgery was a transformation both physically and mentally.

What is Alessandra Rampolla’s role on MAFS?

Alessandra Rampolla is one of the three experts on MAFS, along with John Aiken and Mel Schilling. She joined the show in the eighth season, replacing Dr. Trisha Stratford. She provides advice and support to the couples, as well as introducing new exercises and activities to enhance their intimacy and connection.

Is Alessandra Rampolla married?

Alessandra Rampolla was married to Argentine businessman Alejandro Gravier from 2007 to 2011. They divorced amicably and remained friends. She has not remarried since then, but she has said that she is open to love and that she enjoys dating.

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