Roland Host Before Surgery: The King of the Hosts


Roland Host Before Surgery

Roland Host is a Japanese host, fashion model, TV personality, and entrepreneur. He is known as the “King of the Hosts” for his record-breaking sales at the Kabukicho host club. He is also famous for his cosmetic surgery, which he has spent over 10 million yen on. In this article, we will explore his life, career, and appearance before and after surgery.

Early Life and Career

Roland Host was born as Fuuga Matsuo in 1992 in Tokyo. He dropped out of Teikyo University and made his host debut at age 18 as Makoto Tojo. He became the representative director of the club he worked at age 21. In 2013, he joined the major host club group KG-produce and brought in a record amount of cash flow as the lead host at Club PLATINA -Main Branch-. He changed his name to Roland in 2017 and quit working as a lead host in 2018. He then created his own office, Schwarz, and opened his own host club, THE CLUB, in 2019.

Roland Host Before Surgery The King of the Hosts 1
Roland Host Before Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Roland Host has openly admitted that he has undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance his appearance. He has had procedures such as Botox injections, nasal reshaping, double eyelid surgery, and veneers. He spends 200 thousand yen per month for touch-up procedures. He has said that his cosmetic surgery has helped him achieve success and recognition in his field. He is proud of his plastic surgery and does not hide it from the public.

Before and After Surgery

Roland Host’s appearance has changed significantly after his cosmetic surgery. He has a more refined and symmetrical face, with sharper features and a smoother skin. His eyes are bigger and more expressive, and his nose is more prominent and straight. His teeth are also whiter and more aligned. He has a more confident and charming smile, which he often shows on his TV appearances and social media posts.

Roland Host Before Surgery The King of the Hosts 2
Roland Host Before Surgery


  • How old is Roland Host? He is 31 years old as of 2024.
  • What is Roland Host’s net worth? His net worth is estimated to be around 500 million yen.
  • What is Roland Host’s religion? He has not revealed his religion publicly, but he has said that he believes in himself and his own philosophy.
  • What is Roland Host’s YouTube channel? His YouTube channel is called THE ROLAND SHOW, where he uploads videos about his lifestyle, opinions, and advice.
  • What is Roland Host’s manga? His manga is called Roland Zero, which is loosely based on his journey to becoming a renowned host. It was published in 2020 and has sold over 100,000 copies.

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